Stratford Classical Christian Academy


The purpose of SCCA’s music institute is help students develop a Christ centered appreciation for truth, goodness, and beauty in music and the arts.This will be accomplished by the SCCA Music Institute organizing various events throughout the year.These events will provide access to various perfomances and programs to give students the opportunity to experience engaging, world-class musicians and artists. In all these endeavors an emphasis will be made on training students to listen and think about music and the arts from a Biblical worldview in order to develop a Christ centered appreciation for Music and the Arts. SCCA’s Select audition choir and string’s ensemble is part of the music institute.See below to watch a recent performance of the strings ensemble directed by Timothy Carroll.


SCCA has both a general choir and a select choir. Chris Byrd is the choir director. The general choir is all SCCA students from 4th grade and up. The select choir is comprised of students who excel in singing and have been selected through an audition. The general choir performs at least two times a year at the Christmas and Spring concerts.

The select choir is often invited to business luncheons, SCCA’s benefit auction, public and civil affairs, baseball games(Camden Riversharks), churches, and other organizations to sing throughout the year. Recently some of the members of the select choir were hired to professionally record for Nickelodeon. If you are interested in having the select choir at one of your events please contact the academy office.


2010 ACSI Northeast regional choral competition- 1st place
2011 ACSI Northeast regional choral competition- 2nd place
2012 ACSI Northeast regional choral competition- 2nd place

Several students compete individually or in smaller groups at this annual competition.

Year round events

(Dates announced on homepage or call school office)

Private Music Lessons (Group and Individual)

Offering lessons in Piano, Strings, Brass

Family Concert Night

Tea, Fellowship, and Music

Afterschool for Parents- SCCA’s Tomlinson Mansion – dates tbd