Stratford Classical Christian Academy

The following history is related to the physical campus which is now the permanent home to Stratford Classical Christian Academy(SCCA). For a more detailed history on SCCA and the founding of it please click here. The following is taken from the Stratford Borough Website: The first classes held under the Stratford Military Academy name started in 1935 The Academy was under the direction of Colonel William T. Hade offering grades primary through eighth. The top of the Academy letterhead stated “Offering a balanced program of home, school, work, military, and play activities to develop good character, good habits and to give the best educational training”. The Military Academy was closed in the late 1970’s. The site sat vacant until the YWCA bought it in the early 80’s for $230,000. They ran social programs, a day care and pre school on the site, with main offices in the mansion. They did take down a few of the non-useful buildings, or ones that required too much repair and maintenance. These buildings included the mess hall located to the left of the mansion near the creek, the front building to the right of mansion which housed the barber shop, candy store, and storage garage. The interior of the mansion with its moldings, plaster cornices, 3 fireplaces with marble mantels, all still remain in good condition. The original banister and spindles of the front stairs remain. There are fireplaces in both second-floor front rooms. The top cupola allows you to view the countryside in every direction. The YWCA ran into financial problems in 2006 and began to seek solutions to their serious problem. At the same time a local private school associated with the Stratford Presbyterian Church on Warwick Road, called the Stratford Classical Christian Academy was seeking space for their expansion. The acreage in Stratford and the acres across the stream in Lindenwold gave this new school a 23 acre campus they could have only dreamed about. (The footbridge across the stream rotted away long ago). They bought the site for $1.3 million. The new school is associated with the Stratford Presbyterian Church(, which oddly enough before it built their church held services in the Academy Chapel in the late 50’s. The church records indicate their was no heat in the Academy Chapel. We are seeking former students of the Stratford Military Academy to register with us, so we can share information we may have on file with you, as well as pass on those contacts who have registered, so you can communicate with each other. The new school is also eager to hear from you since they would like to share your experiences and stories with the new students.