Stratford Classical Christian Academy

As one of the few Classical Christian schools in New Jersey, the mission of Stratford Classical Christian Academy is to build a legacy of Christian leaders. We will accomplish this by assisting parents in training their children using a classical methodology and proven curriculum to (a) develop godly character, (b) give a knowledge of our Christian and Reformed heritage and Christ’s work in history, (c) provide the tools to acquire, process, express, and defend knowledge from a Biblical worldview, to the end that they will glorify God by excelling in every duty and calling God has for them throughout their lives.

We are committed to equipping covenant children with the tools of learning by following the three-fold approach known as the Trivium (grammar, logic, rhetoric). In all school endeavors SCCA upholds the standards of the Westminster Confession of Faith and strives for holiness by upholding high standards of honor for God, His commandments, and the authorities He has placed over us.

Stratford Classical Christian Academy is a parochial school established by
Stratford Presbyterian Church.