Stratford Classical Christian Academy

Our vision is to prepare young minds to be able to think Christianly and intelligently about the world around them. We aim to instill in each student a love for learning and equip each one with the tools of learning as explained in Dorothy Sayers’ essay The Lost Tools of Learning. With these tools, a graduate of Stratford Classical Christian Academy will be able to pursue any field or discipline with confidence, discernment, and with a strong Biblical worldview.

Our students will be regaining the rich cultural heritage of western civilization that has been lost or forgotten over the past two centuries. They will join in the “Great Conversation” of authors and thinkers as they delve into great works of literature spanning from the ancient world to today. We will introduce them to all that is good, beautiful and true about our culture as they grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ and as they develop knowledge, understanding and wisdom.

SCCA’s philosophy of education is inherently different from that of public (government) school. We hold firm to the truth that education is the primary responsibility of parents, particularly fathers (see Deuteronomy 6:6-10; Ephesians 6:4). A Christian school should serve as an extension of the family, under the support and authority of these parents. We strive to provide a classical education–one in which our forefathers have been well taught for centuries past, and one which will serve our future posterity for generations to come. The Trivium, a three-stage methodology for teaching and learning, serves as the core of a classical education. (see related article). Furthermore, Latin and logic are reintroduced into the core curriculum.

In conjunction with our classical emphasis, we provide a biblically-based curriculum and teach all subjects as parts of an integrated whole, with the scriptures at the center. We acknowledge Jesus Christ as the source of all wisdom and knowledge (Colossians 2:3). What does all this mean? The chief end of education, therefore, is to grow in the knowledge of Him, and of His world, giving Him all the glory. That is the vision and philosophy of Stratford Classical Christian Academy–a classical and Christian education.